COOPETIC Recherche : a cooperative of researchers employed contractors 

COOPETIC Recherche acknowledges to any professional to create, test and develop his own activity : 

  • without registration ; 
  • being employee with full socials benefits ; 
  • personal assistance ; 
  • within a professionals research network 

COOPETIC Recherche brings together researchers, engineers and laboratory technicians contractors exercising their profession, creating and developing their own activity and initiating new and innovative research project in various fields such as : biology, computer science, social science and ecology. 

To build up and test your research activity, youreceive :

  • a legal status (by CAPE contract : support contract for business setting up) upon entering the cooperative to test activity safely. Under specific conditions you may receive the unemployment allowance during the time of the turnover scalability. 
  • the contractor employee status when the turnover permits it. The research innovative cooperative provides a legal support, administration and accountancy management wich allow to charge public and private laboratories and/or companies and to generate a salary by your own turnover. 
  • an original framework to develop activity : beyond the individual process, the idea is to create and innovate your employment within a company that you will share with others contractors' employees. The cooperative represents a new form of work organization based on cooperation and sharing. 
  • an individual or collective support to initiate and promote a service offering and/or research project. 
  • management of account and a strong band with administration. 

Why should we create a cooperative dedicated to research careers ? 

  • to simplify scientific employment : COOPETIC Recherche comes between the academic research and the creation of business to bring together various skills and needs of business and laboratories. 
  • to mutualize the fields of research contractors who are creating their own activity and developing collaborative research projects.
  • to promote the independence and the security of research contractors by providing a specific status in additionally legal, logistics, administrative support in development of their activity.
  • to facilitate the innovation crossing by emphasizing the skills adapted to the academic and private research. 

Our team 

Researchers contractors of the cooperative are supported on the creation and the development of their activities by a support team dedicated to the accounting and the administration and also by marketing, web, communication professionals and scientific journalists working at COOPETIC Group.

As researcher or engineer, what can I do at COOPETIC Recherche ?

COOPETIC Recherche allows you to join a collective of professionals to offer and provide services to research organizations and private businesses. 

  • Consulting : proper practices, scientific strategy, technology watch, technological or methodological expertise, drafting of scientific communication report, etc. 
  • Building project or research : scientific watch, hypothesis for research methodology, protocol development and data collection. 
  • Realization of research project : creation of an experimental model, testing, protocol and prototypes. 
  • Treating and distribution of results : treating, interpreting results, synthesizing and shaping them.
  • Scientific development : promoting results on an Open Access way 
  • Developing your own research projects : alone or together, you may develop your own research projects by pooling varions funding and skills and by creating your own research team. 

How does it work ? 

COOPETIC Recherche provides a framework to exercise your activity while benefiting from a stable status, remaining employed. Concretely, the cooperative provides you to practice your trade by charging through the cooperative and setting the expertise on a project or a specific mission. Research organizations or private companies, as customers, pay a bill. In this way, you are an associate-employee of the cooperative, receiving social benefits, a personal support on your activity development or on your research project(s) and sharing services between contractors of COOPETIC Recherche (workshops, technical platforms, work space, etc.)


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